Responsibility with society


CAPSA FOOD has a real commitment with people

It is an ethical, sustainable and socially responsible company that involves all stakeholders with the aim of meeting their needs and demands.

Driving socio-economic growth

As a Spanish company, CAPSA FOOD contributes to the socio-economic growth of the country in order to be able to successfully move forward into the future. The company’s activity contributes 1.407 billion euros to the country, which is equivalent to 6.6% of Product.

Asturias Gross Domestic product (GDP) Its activity also creates more than 16,480 jobs in Spain including those of its own employees, indirect primary and secondary jobs and jobs in other sectors.

CAPSA FOOD supports social entities

The company supports different social organisations through financial and product donations with the aim of improving the quality of life of vulnerable or at-risk groups. Once again it has collaborated with the Spanish Federation of Towns and Provinces (FEMP) on the 2014 Beach Campaign providing more than 4,000 lifesavers with the material they need for their work with the aim of increasing safety on Spanish beaches.

Present in sport for a cause


CAPSA FOOD collaborates with the Asturias Regional Government on Sports Games in the Asturias Principality, which fosters sport among schools and in which around 40,000 children per year participate. Since 2004 it has supported the Asturias Dairy Centre Women’s Race to support breast cancer. In this 10th edition, more than 90,000 people ran for charity: the fight against breast cancer. This year 50,000 euros has been collected for the Spanish Cancer Association, which is added to the 420,000 euros already donated.


Incentivising culture


CAPSA FOOD forms part of the trust for the Asturias Prince’s Foundation, contributing to the promotion of scientific, cultural, social and other values. It also incentivises culture by bringing music to people through the Larsa “Disconnecting even more” programme, bringing the Panoramic Orchestra to the town. A concert with more than 5,000 attendees from the four Galician provinces. The company’s ATO brand has close links with consumers through participation in different events linked with Catalonian traditions.

CAPSA FOOD working at its best

CAPSA FOOD collaborates with the Food Bank delivering more than 350,000 kilos of its products for redistribution among the most underprivileged groups. Together with the Spanish Association of Distributors and Manufacturers (AECOC), the company forms part of the campaign ‘Food has no waste; use it to optimise the good use of food’. Objective: 2014 kilos of charity baskets was an initiative undertaken by the DIA chain of supermarkets and the Spanish Basketball Federation to coincide with the World Basketball Cup FIBA 2014 in which kilos of food were packaged for food banks. CAPSA FOOD delivered additional quantities of milk.