We work by and for people


Our human capital is the main reference of Central Lechera Asturiana.

Our team

In choosing the most qualified and motivated staff in the shortest time and at the lowest cost possible we follow a series of initiatives:

  • Internal promotion:We motivate our staff and ensure both development and talent. Our selection process is based on rigorous tests, objective results and our professionalism.
  • Employee website: This is an example of innovation in recruitment, as it not only enables a candidate to enter and update both a written CV and a video CV, but it also provides information on open positions. In addition, this platform uses numerous selection filters and enables social media-based recruitment.
  • Welcome plans: To provide new hires with a warm welcome we prepare a plan which arranges meetings with various section heads and develops an intense schedule of training, mentoring, visits to work centers, clients, suppliers and others.


  • Performance evaluation: We annually work on skills, functions, development plans, targets and other content and carry out specific evaluations to pass provisional periods and review contracts and traineeships, among other reviews.


Development is key to attracting, retaining and motivating staff. We encourage personal and professional growth from the top down.

  • Entrepreneurial culture project: This is a strategic plan which generates a new work method channeling staff knowledge under the slogan, “One person, one idea; one idea, one opportunity; one opportunity, one shared project.”
  • Talent farm program: Internship program for recent graduates undertaken jointly with the University of Oviedo and consulting services in order to develop corporate values and skills.

Learning process

Training is undertaken through a continuous learning process with both organizational and staff commitments to exploit and transfer knowledge to the workplace.

  • Some features: We work towards training on both a technical level as well as for skills, with executive development programs undertaken alongside prestigious business schools.
  • Cross-cutting management team projects: This is an example of both in-class and outdoor training whereby people acquire skills in team work and personal development to consolidate improvements in the management team project.


We strive to create a climate encouraging the integration of the team by lining up the company’s interests with those of our employees.

We consider internal communication as a strategy to contribute to people’s vision, mission and development and line it up with those of CAPSA. In this respect, our internal communication policy is based on 4 goals: Inform, Manage, Integrate and Motivate.

We work with different internal communication tool depending on the content and recipients of the communication, such as: employee website (with daily information, news, projects, results, surveys, suggestions, adverts, videos on CAPSA TV, etc.), information kiosks (providing access to the employee website for those not working with computers), screens in the break rooms, announcement boards, information headlines upon e-mail start-up, etc.

Each year we hold the CAPSA Awards to recognize employees through an internal ceremony giving the awards representing the company’s cultural values.

We organize factory visits for families of employees wishing to see first-hand the Granda history and facilities. Last year 334 people participated in this corporate social responsibility initiative on behalf of our employees.

General services we deal with people’s concerns and needs and look for balance between quality, service and cost in our services.

  • Social benefits: To help staff access certain services in favorable conditions, we negotiate cooperation agreements with travel agencies, medical insurance and services, spas, hotels, cleaning groups, ophthalmologists, dentists, opticians and others.

Risk prevention we are always improving in integrating risk prevention and company decisions.

  • Pimex (Picture Mix Exposure) project: We perform an evaluation of the health and ergonomic risks at our workplace by means of a tool to evaluate in-depth the risks existing at our facilities. Another example of our striving for the participation and training of our staff in prevention while still focusing on the production process.

CAPSA, healthy living company: We encourage actions to improve the quality of life of our employees, such as:

  • The road-safety program developed in collaboration with RACE involving courses and awareness-raising workshops to limit both professional and personal traffic accidents.
  • Health and Wellness Week, with a 5-day program held in our meeting hall in Granda, where experts (nutritionists, chefs, doctors, physical education teachers, etc.) gave lectures and performed alongside our employees. In our “kicking tobacco” campaign, in collaboration with “It’s Easy to Quit Smoking…If You Know How!, S.L.”, we participated in the “Easy Way” project with this initiative and through awareness-raising open days.
  • The Back School: Through an education and training program for CAPSA employees with back-related problems, we’ve helped them to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to enable them to reach and maintain an optimum level of health.


Staff administratio

Staff administration to efficiently manage staff administrative processes and provide added value to clients.


  • Flexible compensation: We allow for payment of certain products and services such as medical insurance, computer equipment, training and others against their salaries so that our employees gain tax benefits.
  • Direct deposit: We use direct deposit for salaries in order to respect the environment.


Professional relationships


  • FIP Plan: In collaboration with public administration, for certain positions we undertake collective selection processes in which we offer a vast program of theoretical and practical training, thus committing ourselves to encouraging employment and contracting a large portion of these people.


Equality and work-life balance

Our company stresses developing the principle of equal opportunity among professionals, does not discriminate based on sex and implements policies for a stronger work-life balance.


  • Harmony Plan: A plan to harmonize personal and company interests regarding equality and work-life balance with the EFR program.
  • Family-Oriented Company (EFR): This management model pursues improvements in the balance between the person, family, society and company. Since 5 October 2009, we are the first company to obtain the EFR badge.