Central Lechera Asturiana donates the value of its corporate Christmas gifts to Cáritas and the Food Bank

For another year, Central Lechera Asturiana wishes to express its support and solidarity with those most in need with a new action this Christmas: it will “convert” its traditional corporate Christmas gifts into donations to Cáritas and the Food Bank.
The company has decided that, instead of sending its usual batch of products to its stakeholders, as it usually does at this time of year, it will donate the equivalent amount in milk to the two charities. Thus, 26,000 litres of milk will be distributed equally between them.
The message launched by the dairy company explains that “this very special Christmas we want to be with those who need it most, so together we will donate the value of the Christmas gift converted into litres of milk to Caritas and the Food Bank.”
“At this time, generosity is the best gift. Thank you for being part of our charity action and helping everyone to have Happy Holidays,” concludes the message sent to the people in the different companies that work with Central Lechera Asturiana.
In parallel to this action, it has also launched the initiative “A Christmas full of charity” together with LEGO to accumulate the maximum number of litres of milk and toys through the brand’s website that they will donate to Aldeas Infantiles SOS, the largest direct care organisation for children in Spain.

Other charity initiatives

These initiatives are in addition to others already carried out by Central Lechera Asturiana in a year as hard as this.  Throughout 2020, the company has donated more than 2,100,000 KL of dairy products. Specifically, and during the months of March and April, coinciding with the beginning of the pandemic and confinement, more than 100,000 litres of milk and 50,000 yogurts were donated to different social organisations and hospitals.
Also this year, the company has supported the hospitality industry in reopening by providing them with sufficient milk to serve more than two million coffees.
These and other initiatives promoted by the company show its commitment to activities that foster a society with a more natural and healthier diet, and its collaboration and support to charities and NGOs, especially at times such as Christmas, when humanitarian actions are boosted, and in the current social crisis caused by the COVID pandemic.