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Our families of farmers are the core of Central Lechera Asturiana. Our history and our land, Asturias, with its pastures, mountains and landscapes shape the commitment of our farmers towards nature and animals. Since 1975, generation after generation, our farming commitment remains stronger than ever. And from this dedication and know-how a unique milk is produced.

There are 7,000 farms in full nature that are part of Central Lechera Asturiana. Our farmers look after more than 100,000 cows. Day by day they work with effort and passion. Their job is more than that, they need their vocation to obtain the best milk of all. The care that our farmers take of their fields and cows is key to the quality of Central Lechera Asturiana products, a natural milk with the best taste.

The satisfaction from a job well done, together with their commitment and honesty, leads to a natural life, without tricks or shortcuts. This is why our farmers walk side by side with you, with their feet firmly on the ground. They are the heart and essence of Central Lechera Asturiana and have built their life philosophy based on the basic principles of a natural life and natural food. This guarantees an unmistakable taste from the pastures to your table. This is Milk and Nothing Else.

How Victoria lives it:

“Being farmer is something I wouldn’t change for anything”