We act naturally

We act naturally

We are very proud of how we are and how we present ourselves to the world. That is the way we are in Asturias. We like to talk to everyone and to listen to everybody. This is the way we are and we will not change for the media.

We are transparent and we tell you things are they are

We make reading our labels easy so you can understand what ingredients are 100% natural and which are not. The doors of our dairy factory are open to anyone who wants to come and know how we do things. We are proud of it. Our advertising is real and our adverts show real fields, farmers and cows in Asturias (no actors or fiction).

We are committed to developing initiatives that promote a society with a better and more natual diet

We show society the benefits of a natural and healthy diet to have a healthy life.

  • Healthy Food Conference in Madrid, collaborating with SEFCA.
  • Central Lechera Asturiana women’s race.

We collaborate with doctors and teachers to promote the benefits of a healthy diet:

  • Universidad Complutense de Madrid/ Central Lechera Asturiana Chair on Nutrition.
  • Hipócrates Award.
  • More than 8,000 visits to doctors.  

Cuidamos las condiciones laborales de nuestra gente para asegurar la calidad de todo lo que hacemos: compromisos con el empleo de calidad

Ofrecemos contratos laborales indefinidos a cerca del 95% de nuestros empleados, facilitándoles su formación y desarrollo profesional y apostando por un empleo de calidad (TOP EMPLOYERS 2017).

Ofrecemos a nuestros empleados un entorno saludable y seguro para desarrollar su trabajo, favoreciendo la conciliación de su vida personal y profesional (Empresa Saludable y Empresa Familiarmente Responsable).