Our origin is natural

Our origins are natural

Because CAPSA is an association of dairy farmers, its origins and the origin of its work are never forgotten: cows, Asturias and nature itself. The company cares for its industry and the environment with the firm commitment of offering the best milk to produce products of the highest quality.

CAPSA Guarantees farm sustainability in order to offer the best milk

  • CAPSA guarantees to sell the farmers’ milk to ensure the viability of their farms.
  • It offers training to farmers to encourage their personal, professional and social development
  • It supports and advises farmers so that they can produce high quality milk, ensuring food safety and respecting the environment.

CAPSA supports farmers to improve their quality of life

CAPSA offers replacement services so that farmers can have days off. We all deserve a break.

Continued technical assistance is provided through:

  • Services related to production: Milk quality, animal health, etc.
  • Services linked to management.
  • Agricultural insurance, technical/economic management, tax advice, etc.

CAPSA defends the land and supports its people

More than 7,300 jobs are created in the Spanish livestock sector.

CAPSA supports the culture, sport and customs of the principality, supporting events and activities that take place in the region:

  • Asturias Food Bank.
  • Asturias Prince’s Foundation
  • Asturias sport

CAPSA minimises the environmental impact of its operations and production centres

  • The kilometres travelled on milk collection routes are decreased in order to minimise CO2 emissions.
  • Energy consumption is reduced on farms and in factories.
  • More than 95% of electricity is generated in high-efficiency processes.
  • Process wastes are transformed into biofuel, fertilisers and new materials.
  • Water consumption is minimised in processes to save resources.
  • Packaging is designed in an environmentally friendly manner for efficient and effective recycling.
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