Cream Spray

Spray Cream 250 ml

Get a firm and stable whip with Central Lechera Asturiana’s Spray Whipped Cream. A touch of creaminess for your best desserts with our spray whipped cream, always ready to be served.

Ingredients: Cream (milk), sugar (8.5%), emulsifier (E-471), stabiliser (E-407) and propellant gas (E-942). Artificial additives that are necessary to emulsify the cream and make it come out whipped.

If you prefer to enjoy a cream with only 100% NATURAL ingredients, discover our Refrigerated Whipping Cream.

Energy 312 Kcal (1290 KJ)
Fat 28,3 g
Saturated fat 18,5 g
Carbohydrates 11,9 g
Of which sugars 11,9 g
Protein 2,4 g
Salt 0,16 g

* RV-Nutrient labelling reference value for infants and young children

Product Nata Spray
Internal code 12113
Sale unit Unidad
EAN code 8410297121104
EAN box packaging 28410297121139
Sale unit size 5,7Dx21,5H
Units per box 12
Size / box 22Hx18Ax24L
Central lechera Asturiana
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