Lemon Flavour with no added sugars or sweeteners

yogur sabor limon
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Central Lechera Asturiana cares about offering you healthy foods and helping you to take care of yourself. It has therefore developed the first and only flavours with no added sugars or sweeteners. The lemon recipe only contains 100% natural ingredients, no additives or artificial E-s. It is made with fresh milk from our own cows, pasteurised and naturally fermented. They are ideal for dessert, for a snack or for a light dessert after dinner. And they are conveniently presented in a four-unit pack, perfect for taking from the supermarket home to your fridge.

Refreshing source of calcium and sugar free

Dairy products suitable for the whole family because they are made with only 100% natural ingredients, like all Central Lechera Asturiana products. A refreshing recipe, with no added sugar or sweeteners. And it only contains the sugar that is naturally present in milk, lactose. And also in a smaller proportion than in other lemon yogurts that can be found in the supermarket. 4.6 grams per 100; no more no less. As well as reducing sugar consumption, it perfectly complements your diet, since it provides 22% of the calcium that your body needs each day.

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Ingredients: Partially skimmed milk, skimmed milk powder, fibre, natural aromas, natural colouring (safflower concentrate) and natural lactic ferments (milk).

A portion of125 gcontains

68,75 kcal
5,75 g
2,38 g
Saturated fat
1,63 g
0,13 g
Reference intake of an average adult (8400kJ / 2000 kcal)