CAPSA FOOD Acquires full ownership of “LÁCTEAS FLOR DE BURGOS S.L”

17 Jan, 2024
  • The dairy company today acquired 50% of the capital from LACTAN HOLDING GROUP, S.L., after having acquired the other 50% in 2020.
  • With this operation, CAPSA FOOD will exceed one billion euro in turnover in the next year and 1,200 employees.
  • Lácteas Flor de Burgos S.L. will achieve turnover of close to 100 million euro this year. 

Asturias Principality, 27 December 2023. 

CAPSA FOOD (Central Lechera Asturiana Group) this morning the signed the acquisition agreement for the remaining 50% of the company “LÁCTEAS FLOR DE BURGOS S.L.” to the company “LACTAN HOLDING GROUP, S.L.”.  The dairy company acquired the other 50% in January 2020.

With this operation, CAPSA FOOD will exceed one billion euro in turnover in the next year and 1,200 employees. The Asturias dairy company also incorporates this new factory located in Burgos (Castile and Leon) into the group, which will be added to its six production centres throughout Spain (Asturias, Galicia, Madrid Community and Catalonia, the latter in a shareholding with other partners). 

CAPSA FOOD strengthens its leadership in the Spanish cheese market through the acquisition of Lácteas Flor de Burgos S.L., expanding its reach and achieving €140 million in turnover. This strategic move secures CAPSA’s position as the seventh-largest cheese operator in Spain. CAPSA FOOD stands as a renowned leader in the cheese making world, with a heritage anchored in iconic brands and award-winning products. Its portfolio features the revered Central Lechera Asturiana Cabrales cheese, the most-awarded cheese in the world, and the well-established Larsa brand, bringing nearly a century of Galician cheese making expertise to consumers. 

Lácteas Flor de Burgos S.L. will close this year with turnover close to 100 million euro, consolidating the growth it has shown in previous years. The dairy firm has a long tradition in cheese making and has been offering a wide variety of dairy products for more than four family generations, its flagship being fresh cheese from Burgos. At this time, the company offers a large number of products ranging from fresh cheeses in multiple formats, to spreads, yogurts, quark, Italian cheese, grated cheese, etc.

CAPSA FOOD will continue to support this project and its brands, to enhance its growth throughout Spain and abroad through management that is aligned with the Group’s strategy. Its objective is to continue increasing its value and strength in the market to fulfil its purpose of giving a future to its farming partners by offering products that improve the quality of life of people while taking care of the natural environment and, of course, employees.José Armando Tellado, CEO of CAPSA FOOD, said that “Today we materialise a process that began in 2020 and that aims to reinforce our leadership position in the Spanish dairy sector, redoubling our efforts to strengthen our presence in the cheese market. This acquisition motivates and excites us to continue working on the commitment acquired with customers and consumers to continue providing the best products and the best service.”