We make natural products

We make natural products

CAPSA makes its products with the highest respect for the natural essence of milk from northern Spain. The company firmly bieleves that only by respecting the natural origin of food can people have better nutrition and better quality of life.

E’s are not added to 98% of the products placed on the market, nor are artificial additives, artificial preservatives or stabilisers. CAPSA is working on alternatives for the rest. It leads the sector by reinventing its essence. The company is natural at its origin and in its way of life and is the only dairy brand that offers 100% natural products.

Our milk is 100% Spanish

Our milk, butter, cream and yogurt are made from milk that comes from Spanish cows.


We guarantee that our milk, cooking cream, natural butters and yogurts only have 100% natural products. We say NO to artificial products.  

All new products will be 100% natural

The innovations in new products are made with the maxim of offering products that contain mainly natural ingredients.

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