Whipping Cream 35% Fat 1L

nata para montar 35%MG
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The whipping cream 35% fat is Central Lechera Asturiana’s classic cream with less fat, which still obtains firm peaks, making it perfect for decorating cakes. For best results, it must be stored at a temperature below 5ºC before whipping. This way, the peaks will be perfect and you can fill your desserts with flavour. It has all the flavour of conventional cream, together with a creaminess and an unparalleled texture that will bring out the best of all your recipes.

You will find the whipping cream 1 L 35% fat in your local supermarket, in a convenient format for the whole family. The container is recyclable and has a non-drip screw-top cap, so you won’t waste a drop. The non-drip screw-top cap means you can store the whipping cream more conveniently and for longer.

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Ingredients: Cream (milk) 35.1%, milk proteins and carrageenan, an artificial stabiliser that ensures uniform texture of the product when it is at room temperature in stores.

If you prefer to enjoy a cream made only with 100% natural ingredients, discover our Refrigerated Whipping Cream.

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A portion of20 mlcontains

67,2 kcal
0,62 g
7,02 g
Saturated fat
4,74 g
0,02 g
Reference intake of an average adult (8400kJ / 2000 kcal)

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