Traditional milk in a tetrapak carton

Traditional milk in a tetrapak carton

Classic milk in a Tetrapak carton from Central Lechera Asturiana

Get to know the classic milk in a Tetrapak carton from Central Lechera Asturiana, which produces and sells it.

Traditional milk is a key food for the body’s development and correct functioning due to its high nutrient content. From a nutritional point of view, consuming classic milk is therefore recommended, together with its derivatives, dairy products.

The classic milk from Central Lechera Asturiana is high quality and 100% natural milk because contains no additives or artificial E-s. The perfect food for a healthy and complete breakfast. Full cream, semi-skimmed, skimmed or 0% fat, choose the classic milk that best suits you and take it home in convenient Tetrapak cartons that keep its properties intact.

Discover Central Lechera Asturiana’s traditional full cream, semi-skimmed and skimmed milk in 500 ml Tetrapak carton formats, ideal for families with different needs. Also the 200 ml full cream Tetrapak milk cartons, ideal for snacks for the kids or to enjoy a glass of milk wherever you go.

How much Tetrapak carton milk can I drink per day?

The Spanish Federation of Nutrition, Food and Dietetics Societies (FESNAD) recommends between two and four daily servings of milk or dairy products so that your body can assimilate all the nutrients in the milk. This recommendation varies depending on the person’s age and physiological condition. One serving is equivalent to one 250 ml glass of milk, two yogurts, one curd, 125 grams of fresh cheese or 30 grams of semi-cured cheese.

Who can drink milk in a Tetrapak carton?


It’s important for newborn babies to be fed breast milk, if possible, during the first year of life. If this is not possible, they should consume adapted dairy products made from cow’s milk.


During childhood, the period of greatest growth for children, the nutritional recommendation is two to three servings of classic milk or dairy products.


Adolescents need even more calcium intake than children, so at this stage it’s recommended to increase the intake from three to four dairy servings, such as classic milk.


The needs for calcium and other nutrients at this stage raise the recommended daily servings of classic milk and its derivatives to between three and four.


This group should eat two to four daily servings of milk and/or dairy products and three to four servings for women during the menopausal stage.

What benefits does classic milk have?

Consuming cow’s milk has two main benefits

  1. It helps children’s growth and development. A diet that contains sufficient milk or dairy products can provide 25% to 33% of daily protein needs.
  2. It contributes to bone and teeth development. More than 99% of the body’s calcium, 85% of phosphorous and 60% of magnesium are in the bones.

Discover Central Lechera Asturiana’s wide variety of Tetrapak milk cartons. A single 250 ml glass provides 30% of the calcium that an average adult needs per day.

All Central Lechera Asturiana Tetrapak carton milk varieties are 100% natural and the label on each product shows all the ingredients they contain. Milk and nothing else.

Central Lechera Asturiana uses ingredients with no additives that can alter the quality or natural flavour of the milk.