Evaporated Milk

Evaporated milk

Discover the new Central Lechera Asturiana evaporated milk. Creamier than traditional milk, it is the perfect partner for your sweet and savoury recipes.  Let your imagination fly for surprising results.

Ingredients: Milk and carrageenan, which is an artificial stabiliser that ensures uniform product texture.

If you prefer to cook with a light cream, made using only 100% NATURAL ingredients, discover our Light Cooking Cream.

Energy 133 Kcal (556 KJ.)
Fat 7,5 g
Saturated fat 5,1 g
Carbohydrates 9,7 g
Of which sugars 9,7 g
Protein 6,7 g
Salt 0,25 g
Calcium 240 mg (30% VRN*)

* RV-Nutrient labelling reference value for infants and young children

Internal code 11515
EAN code 8410297115158
EAN box packaging 8410297915154
Sale unit size 10,3Hx4,8Ax7,7L
Units per box 12
Size / box 10,4 H x 19,6A x 23,6L
Central lechera Asturiana
Central lechera