Ibai Llanos and Central Lechera Asturiana sign a collaboration agreement

26 Dec, 2022

The popular Ibai Llanos and Central Lechera Asturiana reach an agreement that will make the streamer an official brand ambassador during 2023.

Asturias Principality, 21 December 2022. 

Central Lechera Asturiana, a leading company in the dairy sector committed to well-being and health, closes an agreement with content creator Ibai Llanos. The objective of this alliance is to promote healthy eating among young people, claiming the importance of milk as a lifelong food, key within the Mediterranean diet.

Within the framework of this agreement, Ibai will promote a healthy style through his messages, which he will put it into practice himself, continuing his personal physical improvement plan that he started a little over a month ago. With this challenge, Ibai wants to demonstrate how a healthy diet, of which dairy products are an essential part, together with physical exercise, is key to achieving it. It is a cutting-edge agreement: due to its characteristics and the size of both stakeholders.

“Our purpose is to care for consumers’ health through our products, which is why I think it is important that people with the authority and notoriety of Ibai can educate and influence future generations by making them see how important food is, and within it, dairy products, to maintaining and improving quality of life,” says Juan Povedano, Central Lechera Asturiana Marketing Director.

Ibai Llanos said that he was “happy that a company like Central Lechera Asturiana is by my side in the physical improvement process in which I have been immersed for one month”.

Central Lechera Asturiana has been defending its natural origin for more than 50 years: its farmers, its cows, its Asturias fields and nature itself. Since 2017, the brand has also made the commitment to make its products with 100% natural ingredients, free from artificial additives. This commitment is now even greater, since the brand has also addressed the elimination of added sugars and sweeteners in its products.