Calcium-rich milk

Skimmed calcium-rich milk

Skimmed milk rich in calcium

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Central Lechera Asturiana’s calcium-rich skimmed milk is the ideal option for those who are concerned about their daily calcium intake but don’t want to add unnecessary calories to their diet. Calcium-enriched milk is the perfect product to obtain a large part of the daily calcium intake that your body needs. Also, the milk rich in calcium from Central Lechera Asturiana obtains that extra calcium in a totally natural way.

How is it possible to increase the concentration of calcium in milk without adding artificial elements?

Here’s how:

Some dairy brands add calcium to milk through calcium salts (calcium phosphate, calcium lactate, calcium citrate or calcium carbonate). Stabilisers are also added so that the mixture of ingredients is homogeneous and doesn’t have sediments.

Other brands of milk add milk proteins or powdered milk to increase the concentration of calcium. As in the previous case, to avoid sediment and achieve a homogeneous product, stabilisers are added to the product.

How does Central Lechera Asturiana increase calcium naturally? A natural ultrafiltration process is used that concentrates the level of calcium and protein in the milk. The process uses membrane filters that retain the proteins and natural calcium in the milk.

How to differentiate milk rich in calcium from milk with calcium added

Checking the nutritional information, it’s easy to distinguish between a milk rich in calcium (160 mg/100 ml) and milk with added calcium. If nothing appears in the ingredients other than natural milk, it is a milk rich in calcium. If, on the other hand, milk proteins, calcium salts and other added ingredients appear, the product has calcium added to it.

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Ingredients: skimmed cow’s milk with vitamin D AND NOTHING ELSE.


102.5 kcal
430 kJ
5.12 %
11.75 g
4.52 %
0.63 g
0.89 %
Saturated fats
0.43 g
2.13 %
0.5 g
8.3 %
Reference intake of an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal)

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