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Skimmed-milk powder 800 g is an alternative to the liquid milk produced by Central Lechera Asturiana that is ideal for all consumers. It is made using a milk dehydration process where the water evaporates and converts it into powder. Skimmed-milk powder has a longer shelf life than conventional milk and preserves its properties and nutrients, which means it contains milk protein. Eight litres of milk can be made up by dissolving 800 grams of skimmed-milk powder in water: a larger quantity, but less volume for convenient storage.

You can find 800 g skimmed-milk powder in your usual supermarket or in food shops. You can tell it apart from full-cream milk powder by the green colour of its package. It’s presented in a very convenient format in a recyclable box that doesn’t need to be kept refrigerated and occupies very little space.

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Ingredients: skimmed milk.

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89.25 kcal
4.46 %
13.63 g
15.15 %
0.25 g
0.36 %
Saturated fats
0.18 g
0.88 %
0.33 g
5.42 %
Reference intake of an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal)

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