Central Lechera Asturiana launches new cartons with materials made from sugar cane to reduce CO2 emissions

14 May, 2021
Brik Leche semidesnatada plant based Central Lechera Asturiana

The new cartons and caps reinforce the dairy company’s commitment to sustainability.

With this measure, its carbon footprint can be reduced by approximately 20%, using packaging made from fossil-based plastic

Central Lechera Asturiana continues with its commitment to care for and respect the environment by creating sustainable packaging that reduces its impact on nature.

The dairy brand will launch new milk cartons with caps made from sugar cane in order to reduce its carbon footprint as much as possible.

The plastic of the cap and of part of the layers also ensure the preservation of the products in their plant-origin packaging. The cultivation of these raw materials, such as the wood from which FSC cardboard and sugar cane are obtained, absorbs CO2, thus reducing the carbon footprint by approximately 20% compared to packaging made with fossil-based plastic.

More than 70% of the Central Lechera Asturiana cartons that consumers can purchase in supermarkets are made of cardboard that comes entirely from responsible and sustainable crops certified by FSC.

The plastic contained in the containers incorporates polymers made from sugar cane from certified responsible crops. They also have a very thin layer of aluminium, which is necessary to guarantee the preservation of the products without cold.

Finally, the plastic cap is also based on the sugar cane plant, which is grown sustainably to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible and fight against the greenhouse effect and the destruction of the environment by reducing the use of fossil fuels.

Carbon neutrality by 2035

This new initiative is framed within the company’s Comprehensive Sustainability Plan, whose environmental objective is to achieve carbon neutrality from the farm to table by 2035.

Central Lechera Asturiana is the first Spanish dairy company to have obtained the B CORP seal for generating a positive impact on society and the planet through its activity and through fulfilling its purpose. Committed to its farmers and to producing 100% natural products, Central Lechera Asturiana is also the leading dairy brand in Spain, a leader in the sale of liquid milk, cream and butter. It has supported the primary sector since its creation, ensuring its farming partners’ sustainability, guaranteeing that their milk, 100% Spanish, is sold, and providing them with technical assistance for professional and personal development through a unique work method endorsed by the “Livestock Guarantee” seal.

Central Lechera Asturiana promotes health through nutrition, producing 100% natural products suitable for a healthy diet that helps to improve quality of life. It maintains the highest respect for the origin and the natural environment; minimising the environmental impact of farms and factories, being the first Spanish company to certify its “Circular Economy Strategy” and “Carbon Neutrality” in its plants. It was also the first dairy company to obtain “Zero Waste” certification. Central Lechera Asturiana is careful about everything it does, maintains a commitment to quality employment and is family-friendly, fostering work/life balance among employees.