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Lactose free

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A complete range

Lactose-free dairy with no artificial ingredients

Central Lechera Asturiana offers a complete range of lactose-free products with only 100% natural ingredients. In 2012, Central Lechera Asturiana launched its first lactose-free milk and it continues to expand its product catalogue with 100% natural whole, semi-skimmed and skimmed milk, cream, butter and lactose-free cheeses, with no artificial additives.

A range designed so that people with lactose intolerance or with digestive problems associated with dairy consumption can enjoy the natural flavour of its products. And ensure all the essential nutrients of milk!

Because, as you already know, dairy is one of the fundamental foods in a healthy diet, a basic to ensure nutrients as important for the health as calcium and vitamin D.

sin lactosa

All the flavour, no lactose

Products for all your dishes and desserts with no lactose

Central Lechera Asturiana takes care of consumers and families from its Innovation and Nutrition departments, which continuously research to respond to special nutritional needs and offer new healthy foods for all family members and for all times of the day.

Its range of lactose-free products includes lactose-free whole, skimmed and semi-skimmed milk, as well as cream for cooking and whipping, butter and cheese sticks and slices, also lactose-free.

One of the widest ranges of lactose-free dairy products on the market so you can prepare all your favourite recipes and enjoy delicious lactose-free dishes and desserts for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner. Cakes, creams, sauces and sandwiches that ensure light digestion.

Supreme and Supreme GO

Lactose free but rich in nutrients

In its commitment to offer dairy products with the best nutritional profile, Central Lechera Asturiana launched Supreme Milk in 2018. A skimmed milk, lactose-free, with more calcium and protein than a traditional milk and enriched with vitamin D. This milk is subjected to an ultra-filtered process, which increases the calcium and protein content naturally, with no artificial ingredients or additives.

A milk designed to ensure calcium, vitamin D and protein levels, which can often be compromised by different aspects. Suprema was received in the market with the Nutrigold 2018 award as “most innovative product” from the nutritional point of view.

Essential nutrients

Extra vitamin D, calcium and protein

In a single glass of milk, Suprema contains 25% of the protein, 50% of the calcium and 100% of the vitamin D recommended in the daily diet of an adult person. That is why it is the ideal food to guarantee healthy muscles, bones and teeth, especially for seniors.

With the same nutritional properties but with a mild caramelised vanilla flavour and in a take away format, Central Lechera Asturiana most recently launched Suprema GO. Ideal as a healthy and 100% natural snack.

Milk Suprema and Suprema GO, like its Milk Rich in Calcium, are enriched without adding artificial additives such as calcium salts. Its exclusive ultra-filtration process concentrates the nutrients that are naturally present in milk. And Central Lechera Asturiana adds natural vitamin D. True to its 100% natural commitment.

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